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In Your Eyes || 2014 Canadian Nationals Gala

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Because in the continuing absence of actual program news, we’ll take whatever potential program news we can possibly maybe get.

Movement and your ability to dance and have a connection with a partner and move with another person is vital, and it’s a lot of what makes up our sport and I think that’s incredible….I know Alex and I both enjoy that aspect probably more than anything — the ability to have a connection and to be able to move as one is something that we both really enjoy, and it’s something that like I said has come naturally to us. —x

mssun32Watching Canadian Olympians @mitchislam and @alexandrapaul_ figure skate. Going to Skype them later! #yrdsbmlsi

mssun32: "It was an epic conversation" said campers about interview w Can. Olympians @mitchislam & @alexandrapaul_


Alexandra Paul & Mitch Islam

Being adorable

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2013-2014 season Throwback - Top 5 favorite Free dances
Alexandra Paul & Mitchell Islam {

ISU Grand Prix Entries Ice Dance 2014-15 - All 6 Events ›

Alex and Mitch will be competing at Cup of China and Trophee Eric Bompard — meaning that they’ll have been assigned to all 6 events in five senior seasons. 

Pharrell Williams - Happy (Canadian Olympic and Paralympic version)

Parliament visit during 2014 Celebration of Excellence (Photo credit © Greg Kolz)

After the 2014 Canadian Nationals free dance (Photo credit © Erica Armstrong for Skate Ontario)