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Skate CanadaIt’s Friday afternoon at DSC! Have a great weekend everyone!


Happy 23rd birthday to Alexandra Paul!

2014 Olympic Team Announcement (Photos by Skate Canada)

Alexandra Paul: @ka2sh and I tend to coordinate #greatmindsthinkalike

Alexandra Paul / Mitchell Islam - Skate Canada National Team Profile

Elegance and old-world style are words often used to describe this ice dance duo. They bring a soft, light quality to their performances that in no way diminishes the technically difficult skating. Both born and raised in the Barrie area, they teamed up together in February of 2009. Off the ice, Alexandra loves dance and Mitch is a huge sports fan and both are pursuing university studies.


Paul & Islam’s 2009/2010 OD (on which they’re apparently basing their new Paso Doble SD).

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Kirsten Moore-Towers: So many beautiful people on my phone post team camp.